At Home Spa Day with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

At-Home Spa Day with Extra Virgin Olive Oil


In case you hadn’t seen, we just wrote a blog post about some fun ways you can use olive oil for your hair and it got us thinking… What are some other fun ways to pamper yourself with extra virgin olive oil? With most of us being stuck at home and having a little extra time on our hands, what a better time give our bodies a little extra love! We wanted to pass along some tips and treatments that the Cobram Estate team is excited about for a couple of ways you can through together a quick DIY spa day using ingredients that most people have kicking around the house. 

We also just wanted to say quickly that everyone’s skin types are different, so what works for us might not work for you! If you have any dermatologic issues, it’s always best to consult with your physician before trying any new skin treatments. 

Extra virgin olive oil and coffee ground scrub

This is a personal favorite. This scrub could not be easier, you take some old coffee grounds that you were likely about to throw away anyway and mix them with olive oil. Here is what you need: 

  • Around ½ cup of grounds and mix them with ¼ cup of extra virgin olive oil (our favorite is the California Mild) *Link.  

Once you have the scrub made, you can use the scrub on your hands, arms, and our personal favorite, legs! The leftover caffeine in the grounds along with the gentle exfoliation and moisturizing of the extra virgin olive oil helps get your legs invigorated and ready for that day we are all allowed back outside! Just a quick heads up, the grounds have been known to clog shower drains, so we recommend applying before showering and then scrapping as much of the grounds off as possible before hopping in the shower to rinse off. 

Extra virgin olive oil and oatmeal bath

Have you ever had an oatmeal bath before? If so, you already know how soothing and calming this can be for your skin, now just imagine adding the moisturizing power of extra virgin olive oil! If you haven’t experienced either, get ready to blow your dry winter skin away! Here is how you do it: Take around 1 cup of oats (quick oats work great!) and sprinkle them into your bath. Then add ¼ cup of olive oil. Give the bath a quick mix up to let the oats begin to do their magic, and then grab your favorite book or a relaxing eye mask and bask away in the soothing calming waters of your bathtub. Like the grounds above, the oats can clog your drain, so we like to use a strainer to try and scoop as many of them out of the bath as possible before draining away the water. Also make sure to give your tub a good rinse because the olive oil might stick to the sides, making it a little slippery for the next person to hop in. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sea Salt or Sugar Scrub

Anyone else’s hands drying out like crisps from all the handwashing and hand sanitizing? This is the perfect solution to cracked, chapped hands, and all you need is extra virgin olive oil and either sugar or salt! We like taking ½ cup of either regular table salt or granulated sugar and then mixing it with around 1 cup of extra virgin olive oil, whatever it takes to make a thick paste. Feel free to also add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to add some scent, one of our favorites is lavender. Once you have the mixture made, you can split it up into a couple of different mini mason jars and place them around your various sinks in your house. And voila! Just with a couple of ingredients, you have a beautiful, natural exfoliator and moisturizer to banish those dry cracked hands away! 

Thank you so much for tuning in and we hope that you learned a tip or trick that intrigued you enough to give it a try! With Easter weekend upon us and not being able to have any big get-togethers, it could be the perfect time for a mini at-home spa day. Please remember that while these treatments work for some, they might not work for you, these are not meant to be a cure-all, just fun ways to experiment with natural products you likely already have in your house. Please leave a comment below with any other fun and unconventional ways you have used extra virgin olive oil.  

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