Cobram Estate ROBUST Wins World’s Healthiest Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the 2021-2022 World’s Best Healthy Olive Oil Competition in Málaga Costa Del Sol, Spain! 

Our ROBUST is a highly versatile Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is most commonly used for roasting, grilling, bread dipping, and finishing. Use it in your bbq marinades, in your salad dressings, and drizzled over all your grilled summer produce! 

Pro-tip: Robust is also the best choice for use in olive oil cake recipes. Contrary to what you might use in other baked goods, you really want to use an extra virgin olive oil with as much flavor as possible to set the cake apart. For summertime, just add stone fruit and ice cream, mascarpone, or homemade whipped cream. 

A little about the World’s Best Healthy Award:

Based solely on the following components, which determine the healthful elements of a high quality extra virgin olive oil: total polyphenolsoleocanthal levels and most balanced fatty acid profile. In simpler terms: Total polyphenols indicate the antioxidant levels; antioxidants are the magical substances scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer and support a healthy immune system.

Oleocanthal is linked to anti-inflammatory properties; essentially it acts like a natural ibuprofen. It is unique to extra virgin olive oil and cannot be found in any other food.

Fatty acid balance is key to delivering the nutritional benefits aka absorption. High monounsaturated fats and a balanced distribution of saturated fats/ polyunsaturated fats (i.e. omega 3 and 6) are most desirable in a healthy extra virgin olive oil.  

High quality extra virgin olive oil - is the healthiest oil choice as the natural antioxidants and vitamins are retained. Compared to other oils, it contains by far the highest number and variants of polyphenols (antioxidants).

Cobram Estate's Extra Virgin Olive Oils are created with state-of-the-art harvesting and crushing techniques –including using olives at the peak of freshness and pressing them within four to six hours of being picked from the branch – to make the most flavorful, healthy, antioxidant-rich and freshest olive oil. We proudly own our nurseries, groves and bottling facilities; which means we are able to monitor every step of process – from our trees, all the way to your table.

Cobram Estate can be found on shelves nationwide in over 13,000 stores as well as our website.

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