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Cobram Estate Olive Oil Bottling Line

At Cobram Estate, we are proudly able to say that we truly do everything from Tree to Table, even our own in house bottling! With more people cooking at home than ever, our demand is at an all time high and we are busily working away to make sure we don't miss a beat. Our team has increased our hours from our regular 5 days a week to 6 days a week now. We are thrilled to be so busy and though we would share some shots of the special people that keep our bottling line and warehouse going!

Cobram Estate Bottling Line Nitrogen blast

Here the empty bottles are entering the filling station and getting a quick blast of air to blow out any possible particulates before getting filled with extra virgin olive oil.

Cobram Estate Bottling Line - Filling

Here the bottles are getting filled with our California Select. The filler is automatic and it fills by weight, stopping once it has reached the desired amount.

Cobram Estate - Bottle Inspection

Fresh out of the capping station, each bottle is carefully inspected as it passes to make sure that the fill level is correct.

Cobram Estate - Bottle Boxing

From there the bottles pass by a laser that imprints the unique batch Best By Date on each bottle, and then they are boxed, palatalized, and ready to go to the grocery store.

We couldn't do what we do without our amazing team that work each and every day to bring you the freshest, best California extra virgin olive oil out there! 

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