Grilling with Extra Virgin Olive Oil



It is a common misconception that you shouldn't cook or grill with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, when in fact EVOO is one of the safest oils to cook with at high temperatures because of its protective antioxidants and stable fat structure. AT Cobram Estate, we love cooking over an open fire, and we always use EVOO to do so! Here are some ways to utilize EVOO during your grilling!

Use EVOO in your marinades and to help your dry rubs stick to your protein or veggies. EVOO as your liquid will help make sure that your delicious marinade coats every surface and it will also help impart more flavor to your dish.

Use it while you are grilling. While your food is on the grill, brush it with a bit more EVOO to keep it from sticking to the grill and also to help get some beautiful caramelization on your food.


Drizzle it all over everything once you are done grilling. We love using our Robust or our First Harvest to drizzle over a juicy steak or roasted peppers to give your meal an added kick of flavor and health benefits.

What are you waiting for? Get grilling!

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