Jodie Chavious Chef Mob Spotlight

Jodie Chavious Chef Mob Spotlight


Chef Jodie Chavious joined us for our 2019 California Harvest party and essentially dropped the mic after dropping her dreamy citrus cake at the end of the meal. Jodie is currently the executive chef at Shangrila in Fair Oaks, California.

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Jodie credits her childhood in Alaska with sparking her love of food. Her summers were spent gardening, fishing, and learning to rough it in the Alaskan countryside. These early experiences instilled an appreciation for cultivation in Jodie; one that carries over to this day with her own backyard “farm” in Land Park (complete with three chickens). Before becoming a chef, Jodie went to work as a “grunt” on the North Slope oil field. From there, fate led her to befriend a group of chefs, and it was not long before she found herself drawn to restaurant life. After pastry school in France and 19 years of restaurant experience, Shangrila is her 9th restaurant opening.

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Tell us about your pet...

I have a sweet terrier named Bernie, three outdoor kitties and five chickens. And a brother Sam.

What's your happy place?

My house is my happy place. I have a large garden and 12 fruit/citrus trees. My neighbors and I put a gate in the fence so we can come and go to each other's back yards, so backyard hanging out, eating and drinking is a frequent thing.

Reggae air horn or gong?

Reggae horn, hands down. Bob Marley is pretty dreamy.

Beach House or mountain cabin?

Both please. I grew up in Anchorage Alaska, on the water next to the mountains. It's the best.

Pick your poison..

Bourbon. On ice, not on ice. In a mixed drink or by itself.... doesn't matter. Amarena cherry is nice though.

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