The story of our California First Harvest

It all starts at our flagship grove DeBo in the Dunnigan Hills region of Yolo County California. DeBo ranch is just over 300 acres and as the name of the region implies, has impressive rolling hills that create a stunning topography for our trees silvery green foliage. We planted DeBo back in 2015 when we were first starting operations here in California and the main goal was to test as many different unique varieties out to see how they performed in the California soil as some of the varieties had never been commercially grown in California, such as the Picudo variety. Dunnigan Hills is a magical place that will always hold a special place in our hearts, both for the symbology as the location for our first California grove, but also for its uniqueness in the California olive industry as one of the largest medium density olive groves with over 8 unique and different varieties. Our First Harvest comes exclusively from this ranch and we have hand selected the very best varieties to combine and share with you. Every year the blend changes slightly as the trees mature and the weather causes slight changes in the fruits profiles, but that is just all the more reason to savor the oil now, because you will never find another one exactly like it. We are excited to announce that our 2020 First Harvest will consist of the following varieties, we hop you enjoy it as much as we do.


The Picudo olive is a Spanish variety that, in our opinion, is one of the most unique looking and tasting olive out there. This was the first time that we had experimented with planting this variety and we could not be more excited by it. The fruit is large and has a great oil content to flesh ratio, making it a millers dream. This variety makes a medium to pungent oil that is extremely fruity with lower bitterness. It carries notes of green apple and olive leaf.


The Nocellara olive is from the south of Italy where it is commonly used for both for table olives and for olive oil. The oil is on the milder side when left to ripen but harvested early it is crisp and fruity with pleasant notes of artichoke and fresh cut grass.


The Picual olive originates in Spain, where it is one of the most widespread varieties, and it is also one of Cobram Estates tried and true varieties. We absolutely love the amazing green tomato fragrance you get when the oil is harvested early and this tends to be one of our most award winning varieties for its fruitiness and balanced palate.


The Coratina variety is another Cobram Estate favorite. The trees originate from the Puglia region in the South of Italy and the oil is prized for its robust profile. We love it because of its tropical nose and robust grassy flavor. We can never get enough of this oil and we love what it adds to our First Harvest.