Olive them.

Good news. Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil is never processed using chemicals or additives. Additionally, industry standards require that in order for an oil to be labeled Extra Virgin, the acidity must be below 0.8% and taste like fresh olives. Better news: Cobram Estate Olive Oils have an acidity below 0.3% while packing the flavor of each variety of olive we grow within each bottle we sell.

Proof that Mother Nature is looking out.

The reason our extra virgin olive oil is so packed with flavor is due to the oil's high concentration of polyphenols. Even better, these same antioxidants can help fight inflammation, premature aging, and aide in reducing bad cholesterol. Polyphenols are also uniquely great for heart health and may even reduce instances of cancer and blood clots.

Pretty much whatever you want.

The beauty of Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil is that it retains its healthy antioxidants at high temperatures and tastes incredible on its own. Head to our Kitchen for more inspiration.