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2023 California First Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

$ 50.00
1 Gallon Tins will be out of stock for a short amount of time, but don't stress, new season oil will be available in October

Introducing the 2023 First Harvest Limited Release by Cobram Estate

Presenting our Limited Release California 2023 First Harvest. Crafted with unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence, we welcome you to truly “Taste Test Fresh.” 

The olives used to create this oil yield from our flagship groves located in the Sacramento Valley and showcase several varieties of olives that are rarely seen anywhere else in the state. These olives were selected and harvested a month earlier than our regular harvest to capture an ultra-fresh, premium juice. The early harvest does result in a lower oil yield, as the olives are not fully mature, however, through this process we are able to share a unique offering that truly delivers an unparalled sensory journey. 

This year's edition showcases the Coratina, Picual and Mission olive varieties. The oil’s emerald hue is a result of the fresh green color of the younger olives at harvest, while the peppery notes derive from the elevated phenolic (antioxidant) content in the oil. Per our Chief Oil Maker, “This year’s First Harvest embraces the essence of vibrant tomato leaves, Granny Smith apples and citrus zest aromas combined with fresh herbal notes and a lingering aftertaste reminiscent of marzipan and green tropical fruits.” 

From a rustic baguette to a simple caprese salad, Cobram’s First Harvest elevates both the cuisine and dining experience to the next level. It also serves as an exquisite finishing touch to any hearty meat dish, requiring nothing more than a sprinkle of salt and pepper to accentuate flavor. With only a limited quantity available, this oil is truly a rare gem. We take great pride in presenting this offering and kindly remind you that, given its ultra-fresh nature, it is best enjoyed within 4-6 weeks of opening.

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